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Includes Amethyst tea light candle, Smudge stick, Crystal Grids Kit and Love Heart Carving.

🕯️Moving into 2024 with Self, love, a new awareness and at peace with past decisions, mistakes and trauma.

The crystal candle, grid kit and Palo Santo Smudge stick is put together to help unblock chakras and activate the crown and heart chakras allowing you to see the big picture and see what lessons you have needed to learn in 2023.

The kit also contains a rose quartz heart to meditate with as the candle burns. As you meditate, send and receive unconditional love into the universe.

Use this kit to connect with your Intuition to aid in manifesting your goals for 2024.

After your meditation. Continue to burn the candle as often as needed until it runs out.

The chunky Smudge stick provided will easilly lady at least 15 full house cleanses (more if you put it out each time) so you can cleanse your home more than once a month with the chunky Palo Santo provided.

Let's make 2024 the year we make a stand. We take our power back and refuse to let others bring us down. We move into the new year with love in our hearts and open to new opportunities.🕯️

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