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Ocean jasper has such a calming energy. It's a great stress reliever and will help you speak from the heart. It's a great stone to have handy before, during and after an argument as it will help you communicate more positively and lovingly when your feeling frustrated. It's a great stone to wear when you're struggling with self esteem and self worth too, transmuting negative energy into confidence and raising your spirits.

A big sphere this size will raise the vibrational energy of your entire home

A stone of positive communication, pink ocean jasper will help you say what needs to be said, but from a place of love. Its a great stone to have on you to quell arguments or if you're facing a confrontational situation. 

Pink Ocean jasper will help raise your spirits when your feeling down so it's especially helpful for anyone suffering with depression or anxiety.

Ocean Jasper will help you find your sense of self worth again, embrace confidence and give you a positive boost. 

Weight 1.7kg