Black Tourmaline Raw pieces

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Black tourmaline is the master of protection, grounding and eliminating negative energy. It's the one stone that can handle anything life throws at you and you really can't have to much of it.

Place it anywhere and everywhere in your home. Your bedside table, under youur pillow or mattress, your front door, in plants, your coffee table, handbag, glove box, in every corner of your house, on your work desk or office space (black tourmaline also absorbs electromagnetic radiation). If you're building, line your walls with a few pieces.

Black tourmaline stops negative energy in its tracks. Bad vibes just don't want to hang around black tourmaline. The stone absorbs all negativity from your space, cleansing the room and lifting the energy. 

Pair it with clear quartz to amplify its energy and incorporate it into your cleansing rituals. Black tourmaline'got to back.

Each piece is unique and will be individually and carefully selected specially for you. 

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