Stilbite with haematite specemin 17


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Stilbites name comes from a Greek word meaning 'to shine' nuff said.
A highly spiritual stone, It radiates universal love, openness. It will help you expand your consciousness to understand the messages from your angels and spirit guides, and gain clarity and direction in your life's purpose.
It's a magical stone for manifesting your perfect life. Program the crystal with your wishes and intentions and meditate with it daily to bring your desires into fruition.
If you’re interested in better interpreting your dreams this is one of the best crystals to have by your bedside. Stilbite will give you a clearer vision and better understanding of your dreams and the messages your subconscious is showing you.
Stilbite helps to clear the mind of unnecessary clutter and help you focus on tasks, study and sleep soundly at night. Its excellent ability to help you clear your mind and will guide even the most fidgety mind into quiet meditation. Perfect for children who have trouble getting to sleep or have nightmares and a grand ally for mental health sufferers such as ADD, ADHD, anxiety and especially those on the autism spectrum.
It’s soft soothing energy will give you a sense of inner peace and help you achieve a deeper meditative state that will allow you to astral travel and remember past lives.

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