August 07, 2020

Lions Gate 2020 is such an important time in our spiritual evolution. It's all about finding your personal power again. 2020 has certainly been a challenging year. It has forced us to go within and discover ourselves again. Some of us have done this without even realising. Some deep wounds in our shadow selves have been uncovered and many emotions that have been buried deep have been brought forward for us to deal with now. Know that through all this, you have been supported and guided with unconditional love. You cannot make a mistake, you can't make a wrong turn. It's all part of your souls journey and this time of learning is a choice your soul has made. 

So what exactly is Lions Gate?

Lions Gate portal is an influx of cosmic light energy that's flows from the spiritual to the physical realm.

Lions Gate occurs every year around early August when the star Sirius appears on the horizon. Sirius is a star that is twice the size of our sun but over 20 times brighter. It is a very long way from earth but its intense light is still able to reach us. The star Sirius is known in ancient wisdom as a marker for new beginnings or a new phase of life. 

Sirius' indigo light contains contains codes essential to accelerate the ascension and spiritual evolution of the human race. Tuning in to this energy will cause a consciousness shift in us as individuals but also for the collective consciousness of earth and Mother Gaia.

Although the beautiful uplifting energy from the Lions Gate can be felt from about July 23rd to around August 15th, the energy transmitted from Sirius peaks on August 8th, when the sun is in the constellation of Leo. Every lions Gate is an opportunity to download guidance and healing to raise your vibration to a higher frequency.

During this time we are able to more easily communicate with the spirit realm and access soul healing and guidance from ancestors, angels and spirit guides, which will enable us to upgrade or shift to the next level of consciousness. 

The Lions Gate Portal opens a door into your next level of being. It asks you to leave the past behind and step into your true power. It is, however a choice we are free to make to take this next step forward. You must be willing to release the things that aren't serving you and follow your joy and bliss.

You can choose what will manifest during and after this time. You can choose to dwell in fear and be chained by the ego or choose to be in a place of peace and harmony and live from the heart instead. 

This is the time to dive deep into shadow work and clear out the deadwood from your subconscious. Go within and re evaluate absolutely everything. Relationships, career, habits, thought patterns. The light energy from Sirius will illuminate what still needs work and provide healing so you can finally move forward.

Things will pop up seemingly out of nowhere that you possibly weren't even aware were effecting you. Memories or feelings you have suppressed that are blocking your spiritual growth and sabotaging your souls mission. This and more will be brought forward for you to deal with and ultimately resolve. 

It's a time where your emotions will be a bit scattered, but be kind to yourself. Let yourself feel these emotions, recognise where they are coming from. Ask yourself what lessons you have learned from them, then allow yourself to release them. You will have many 'aha' moments.

The Lions Gate is illuminating the areas in need of soul work and healing so it's natural that your emotions will be at their peak during this time. However do not use this as an excuse to be moody. Remember that how you react to situations is creating your future moment by moment.

So, now that you know what it is, what can you do during the Lions Gate Portal to heal and connect with your life purpose? 

Practice gratitude every morning. The moment you wake in the morning you are closest to the spirit world. Let your first thoughts be positive and thankful. A warm bed, your love by your side, snuggles from your fur baby. 

During this time of the Lions Gate energy, ask yourself:

What is holding me back from living my best life?

In what areas have I been talking myself down. 

When have I not believed in myself 

Am I holding on to grief 

Am I criticising past actions or decisions 

Tune into the Lions Gate healing energy and guidance to receive answers to these questions and more. 

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