August 05, 2020

Sharpen your focus & concentration 
Get organised
Memory recall
Mental Clarity
Cleanses the aura
Removes negative energy
Quiet mental chatter

Life Purpose

Fluorite holds a very calming yet structured energy.

It's a great asset when you need to get your shit together or bring order to chaos. This stone resonates with the human mind like no other crystal.

Fluorite is sometimes known as the 'genius' stone because of its ability to help you reach higher levels of mental clarity, boost aptitude and retain new information. This makes it the perfect stone to use whilst studying and also at work to help you get the job done with a level head.

Fluorite is also a very spiritual stone. It stimulates brain cells and enables both hemispheres of the brain to work together in harmony which increases the consciousness of the mind. This attribute also makes fluorite the perfect stone to break through creative blocks. 

Fluorite also has the ability to help you understand that there is method in the madness of this life and help you discover your life purpose and walk your true path with love, compassion and confidence. 

Rainbow fluorite is all this and more.

Rainbow fluorite is able to cleanse and repair the auric field and activate and repair all chakras due to its beautiful array of colours.

Rainbow fluorite is a fantastic stone for 'Indigo Children' or children with ADD, ADHD and anyone on the autistic spectrum. It will help them to feel safe and experience simplicity and love.

Use rainbow fluorite to cut ethereal cords that are no longer serving your highest self, and shield against negativity and psychic attack.


Heart (green) throat (blue) , third eye (purple) , crown (clear). All (rainbow fluorite) 

Cleansing & Charging: 

Water: Yes
Salt: Yes
Smoke: Yes
Sound: Yes
Other Crystals: Yes place on or in larger geodes or Selenite. 
Sun: Yes but limit time especially on hot days.

Moon: Yes. Anytime but around the full moon will have the most benefit.

Everyday uses

Meditate with your crystal.
Wear as jewellery or carry the stone in your pocket, purse or bag.
Place a piece in your workspace or study area to help you maintain focus.
Do a cord cutting ritual
Place a piece in your main living area to help keep the vibes high and dispel negative energy. 
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